Practice of Dr. Maria I. Zuniga, D.D.S., A PC


I'm always happy to go to Dr. Zuniga's dental office. It's a family owned and run business. They are very professional. Everything is clean and modern. Excellent customer service and attention to detail. Incredible value!

Tatiana M.

Best dentist I have ever been to! Very knowledgeable and super friendly staff actually made going to the dentist with a broken molar enjoyable.

Heathir H.

I had an amazing experience here with Dr. Zuniga.
After not going to the dentist for so many years I had to pay the consequences of having to do lots and lots of work to my teeth.
Dr. Zuniga and staff made me feel very comfortable, she explained all the work that had to be done to my teeth and the process.
They are very professional and knowledgeable and the place looks very nice and clean.

I will for sure come back and recommend this Dental Place to all my family and friends.

Mario R.

Dr. Zuniga is the BEST!

1. She has never, not once, tried to upsell me. She cleans my teeth, fills my cavities, etc, etc... that's all I want. I have noticed before finding Dr. Zuniga that dentistry and become just one big upsell.

2. She is awesome with kids. Before, I couldn't get anyone to see my son unless they put him in a papoose (straight jacket!). All she did was talk to him, he sat there and got his work done, I couldn't believe it. And now a few years later, there is never an argument from him about going to the dentist. Amazing.

3. Great staff. Especially her office manager.

Shawna R.

I had gone to dr. Zuniga's office before for a general check up and was very pleased with her work. SHE actually did my dental cleaning, not Her assistants and was very knowledgable to every question I asked.

I had a wisdom tooth extraction done a few months ago just recently began getting swollen. I reached out to dr. Zuniga for an emergency appointment and she immediately scheduled me in to her tight schedule. I really had no idea what had caused the swelling since everything was healing fine, no fevers or infection. She asked me the most random question upon my arrival, "have you had any recent major exposure to the sun?" I looked at her confused and said "yes....." With this crazy San Diego weather, it was very hot one day and I did go to the beach. She informed me since my extraction was very difficult to remove, it is not recommended to have too much sun exposure in order for the wound to properly heal. That left me very impressed!!

Her office manager was able to get me an emergency appointment with one of their recommended oral surgeons to help with my swelling.

I am sooo happy I came across her name as I was searching for a new dentist my new insurance would cover. Best part, her office is 2 blocks away from my home, I can walk there!!!!

Thank you for your outstanding service Dr. Zuniga and staff!

Jess O.